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Pain Management Clinic

Chronic pain is sometimes an outcome of certain urologic conditions. The Urology Group is committed to helping our patients explore a variety of pain management techniques when it becomes clear that a patient is suffering from a chronic pain condition, which may not readily be solved.

As such, The Urology Group may refer you to a pain specialist for consultation and treatment. These healthcare professionals coordinate care with your urologist but operate as separate providers. They hold office hours at The Urology Group's Norwood Campus, making access more convenient. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact them directly using their individual phone numbers below.

Pain Management

Dr. Gururau Sudarshan and Dr. Atul Chandoke are physicians from Cincinnati Pain Physicians, LLC


Dr. Sudarshan offers convenient hours at The Urology Group's Norwood Campus. After reviewing your condition and pain history, you and the physician may determine that additional medication, or an outpatient procedure, could help reduce pain.

Medications/therapeutic options

Patients who require pain management through narcotic treatments are monitored on a monthly basis. With the help of interventional therapy, narcotic medication dose can be modified under the direct supervision of a physician.


Treatment may include interventional pain procedures, such as injections or an epidural to numb the area, allowing nerves to "settle down" and prevent sending pain signals to the brain. These treatments can result in overall pain reduction. Some treatments require light anesthesia, which is why they are performed in The Urology Center's outpatient surgery facility.

Ask your physician from The Urology Group to refer you to one of these pain management specialists or contact them directly at: 513-891-0022 x11.

Physical Therapy

Pain from pelvic floor disorders can sometimes be relieved through physical therapy. 

Kathleen Novicki, PT, PRPC, and the therapists at The Center for Pelvic Floor and Core Rehabilitation, are regional experts in the field of pelvic physical therapy with specialty certifications in Manual Therapy and Pelvic Rehabilitation.

Therapy may involve biofeedback, exercise, manual therapy, behavioral training, ultrasound or TENS. Physical therapy is available at The Urology Group's Norwood Campus and at several other convenient locations and hours in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Ask your physician from The Urology Group to refer you to physical therapy or contact them directly at: 513-463-2518. 



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