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Why CyberKnife® SBRT?


CyberKnife SBRT offers advanced treatment for prostate cancer with significant advantages in these areas:

  • Patient convenience and comfort
    • Fewer sessions: typically completed in only five sessions, while other radiation treatments may need up to 40
    • Finished over five weekday sessions
    • Non-invasive: no 'needle pokes' or cutting
    • No urinary catheter
    • No anesthesia
    • No hospitalization
  • Accuracy
    • Pencil-thin beams from potentially thousands of angles result in a pinpoint bombardment of the cancerous cells while minimizing the effect on adjacent tissue
    • Exclusive tracking process adjusts to movement during the procedure, ensuring that the treatment is constantly on-target
    • Precision technology provides sub-millimeter accuracy
    • Advanced robotics reduce the chances of human error
  • Effectiveness
    • Recent studies have shown that prostate cancer may respond better to fewer treatments at higher doses
    • Per the patient's customized plan, CyberKnife SBRT provides a high radiation dose using a minimum number of treatments

With this new technology, The Urology Group continues its position as the leading provider of prostate cancer treatment in the region. Featuring one of the finest advanced urologic centers of excellence in the country, the team of physicians, nurses, technicians and staff are focused day in and day out on prostate cancer treatment, providing the best possible outcome for their patients.

Treatment Options
As the region’s premier provider of urological services, The Urology Group offers multiple options to address prostate cancer and prostate-related issues. Click here for an overview of other treatment alternatives for prostate cancer.

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