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If you're a man over 50, it's important to make an annual prostate exam part of your routine. That's because, when caught early, prostate cancer is highly curable.

We know it may seem embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about a prostate exam, especially if you've never had one. However, most men don't realize all it takes is a quick, painless, 15-second digital rectal exam and a blood test.

Whose is most at risk?

Why get tested

Even if you're not in one of those categories, studies suggest that all men over the age of 50 get tested in order to create a baseline of results.

Watching PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels over time has led to a 75% decrease in men presenting with advanced prostate cancer. Over the past 20 years, PSA testing has led to a 40% reduction in the death rate from prostate cancer in America.


The first step toward understanding your risk is to see a urologist.

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