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June 15, 2017

Four Easy Father’s Day Gifts to Keep Dad Healthy

By: Marc Pliskin

Father’s Day is a great time to say thanks to Dad and recognize him for the steps he takes to make your family better. For many, a father signifies strength, cohesion and support. But often, fathers fail to pay as much attention to themselves and their own well-being as they give to other members of the family.

Here are four easy gifts you can give Dad that are more meaningful than any tie, tool or cologne you could buy. These gifts can keep him strong and healthy and improve his quality of life.

Get an annual physical. For whatever reason, many men avoid seeing a doctor until something major goes wrong. Whether it’s fear of getting bad news, a feeling of weakness or simply because they have no time, going to the doctor is often the last thing on a man’s to-do list. But routine checkups and health screenings are increasingly important as a man ages. They can prevent some situations from getting more serious or provide more options for treatment if conditions are caught early. WebMD offers a great overview of what to expect at an annual checkup.

Gift idea: #1 Give Dad a coupon good for two annual physicals, one for him and one for you. Show him good health is important for both of you.

Stay active. It sounds obvious, but physical activity is a key to good health. Unfortunately, our culture breeds a sedentary lifestyle, from desk jobs and long commutes to too much screen time. This inactivity leads to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. A Stanford Medicine health survey suggests that inactivity, rather than higher calorie intake, could be driving the surge in obesity. 

Gift idea #2: Buy Dad a pedometer or fitness band to keep him on track with staying active. Matching bands will keep you both on track!

Watch what you eat. The adage “You are what you eat” is so true. Processed, high-calorie foods have not done our society any favors. With Americans eating and drinking about one-third of their calories away from home, staying on top of which restaurants offer healthy options isn’t always easy. Fortunately, the FDA has recently passed a requirement for more nutrition labeling in chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments to provide consumers with clear and consistent nutrition information.

Gift idea #3: Make reservations for Father’s Day brunch or dinner at a restaurant that already includes nutritional information on its menu. Make sure you both choose healthy options!

Mental health matters. In fact, many physicians agree it’s as important as physical health when it comes to fighting off illness or disease. Allowing feelings of stress, fear or sadness to go unaddressed can lead to depression. As adults age, it’s important to maintain a sense of purpose by staying connected to people and things that matter to them. Transportation, financial limitations or other health issues may make this difficult.

Gift idea #4: Include in your Father’s Day card a list of local opportunities to volunteer, regular community events, or programs that allow him to explore a new hobby. Even better, offer to enjoy some of the experiences with him!

Here’s wishing all the father’s in the tristate a happy and healthy Father’s Day!

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