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March 30, 2017

Planting Hope with Penile Implants

By: Kevin Campbell

Last week I had the professional privilege of spending several days with Dr. Steven K. Wilson, a world renowned leading innovator in prosthetic urology of Valley Urologic Medical Group in California.

Dr. Wilson was passing through Ohio after working with residents from Northwestern University & the University of Chicago, lecturing to the staff physicians and residents and performing surgery at Northwestern and the Jesse Brown VA Hospitals.  

On his visit to Cincinnati he accompanied me in the OR for two surgeries to implant penile prostheses.

Dr. Wilson has completed more than 11,000 such implants and has performed prosthetic surgery in nearly 50 countries in his 40 years of practice. If there is a “rock star” in the field of prosthetic urology, Dr. Wilson would take center stage.

Prosthetic urology is not new; however, since most of the advancements are not typical dinner table conversation, many patients are not aware of options they may have.

For example, some men who experience chronic erectile dysfunction may benefit from a penile implant. There are two typical types of implants, either malleable or inflatable.

  • Malleable implant – Surgically installed, this implant consists of two malleable (or bendable) rods. With it, a man merely lifts or adjusts the penis into the erect position to initiate sex. While it is the simplest implant, it does mean the penis is always semi-rigid, which some men don’t prefer.
  • Inflatable implant – This medical device is custom-fit and surgically placed into a penis to produce a natural-looking and natural-feeling erection. In fact, the inflatable prosthesis is not noticeable so your partner won’t be able to tell you’ve had an implant unless you tell them.

There are many treatments for men with ED or other sexual performance issues. Finding the right one means first discussing the topic with your urologist. 

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